Month: May 2016

Life returns

We have enjoyed having all the Savory Institute staff team from Boulder, Colorado here in Zimbabwe for a planning retreat, joined by the leaders of new hubs in our global network from Norway, Pakistan, Australia and the U.S. Amazing how in our rough bush camp home amongst the animals we saw little with guests chatting… Read more »

Holistic Management Realized at Dharma Lea Savory Hub

Dharma Lea, LLC one of the Savory Institute’s accredited hubs, in Sharon Springs NY, USA is in the midst of some exciting new developments. The grassroots efforts of Phyllis and Paul Van Amburgh that began years ago are bringing much needed disruption to the dairy industry and farming in their region –with ripple effects across… Read more »

2016 Savory Hub Candidate Holistic Management Training

Written by Savory Institute Senior Program Director, Byron Shelton

Through sun, rain, and a foot of snow, Savory Institute’s (SI) 2016 Hub Candidates gathered in April for 8 days of training in Holistic Management. They met just north of Boulder, Colorado. Participants came from Australia, Pakistan, and the USA.

New Savory Hub Candidate Leaders and future Accredited… Read more »