Month: April 2016

To address climate change, Management has to be holistic

Summarizing managing what is complex and the role of livestock in climate change.

I ended my last blog saying I would summarize why, if we are ever to address climate change seriously, it is absolutely vital that we manage what is complex holistically, and that we use livestock properly managed to restore desertifying lands to health…. Read more »

Maranoa Regional Landcare Association

Written by Judith Symonds, Director of the Australian Savory Hub – Maranoa Regional Landcare Association

One month ago I won a contest on our savory hub network platform for writing the most inspiring hub story. The reward for winning the contest was a guest blog post on the Savory Institute’s Blog. I am from a sheep… Read more »

What does properly managed livestock mean?

What does properly managed livestock mean?

In my 6th blog post I discussed why properly managed livestock are essential to saving civilization as we know it. Now let’s discuss what properly managed livestock means, because only by managing them properly will we be able to seriously address the complexity involved in both global desertification and climate… Read more »

The missing tool without which climate change cannot be addressed

The Missing Tool: Without Which Climate Change cannot be addressed.

Now to my sixth in this series of posts breaking the greatest challenge I believe society faces – managing what is complex – into small digestible segments. Anyone new to this discussion would benefit from following earlier posts for it to make sense. To do so… Read more »