Month: March 2016

A Visit To The Malawi Savory Hub

Written by Malawi Savory Hub Leader, Molly Cheatum

In little over a year the Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology (Kusamala) has seen tremendous benefits from being a part of the Savory Network. Kusamala was part of six other organizations in the 2015 cohort and from the trainings and partnerships we have developed, proposals have been… Read more »

Managing Complexity

Managing complexity – plugging the greatest leak in humanity’s boat.

My 4th post described why humans have difficulty managing complexity. How tool-using animals, including humans, inherited the same profoundly simple genetically embedded decision-making framework. So profoundly simple we did not discover it till recently. Using a computer analogy we are delivered at birth with this “operating… Read more »

Savory At University of California, Berkeley

The Savory Institute was honored to be invited to UC Berkeley’s prestigious Edible Education 101 course. The course was started by author and journalist Michael Pollan, who is best known for his book “Omnivore’s Dilemma.” The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines and also open to the public. There are about… Read more »

Why Humanity Cannot Manage Complexity Successfully

Why humanity cannot manage complexity successfully.

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts affecting everyone in the world. In the first I used the analogy of team humanity in one boat that is sinking because while dealing with millions of leaks we are not paying any attention to the greatest leak. The second… Read more »

Why managing complexity is the primary issue for survival of civilization

Why managing complexity is the primary issue for survival of civilization.

In my welcome to my new blog message I explained why I use the analogy of team humanity all being in one boat that is sinking, with many good people bailing water from many leaks while ignoring the one lead sinking our boat. My team… Read more »