Month: July 2015

The Algorithm of Regeneration in Anatolia: Holistic Management

By Durukan Dudu – Co-Founder of Anadolu Meraları (Savory Hub Turkey)

When I first put my step on Savory Institute’s first International Hub Gathering and Conference in 2013, I was one of the two quite young co-founders of Anadolu Meraları Hub. We were a team of young “forward”-to-rural folks in Turkey with almost non-existent experience on… Read more »

Regenerating Grasslands Can Help Mitigate Climate Change

White Papers by Savory Institute

Conventional agricultural practices on grasslands, such as the addictive use of synthetic fertilizers, fire, and rest is causing soils to lose stored carbon, and therefore its inherent productivity.

Properly managed livestock on grasslands through Holistic Management has shown its potential to restore the soils’ ability to store carbon.

As the grasses and other… Read more »