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We are on the brink of affecting major change at the landscape level. With an estimated 45 million acres already managed holistically, the Savory Network strategy seeks to influence 1 billion hectares by 2025 through the establishment of 100 Hubs as we continue to facilitate improved conditions for success.

Regenerative Agriculture

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Soil Manifesto

The Soil Manifesto states that healthy soil, a living dynamic ecosystem, is the foundation of life on Earth. It is the basis for sustainable and productive agriculture. It is the world’s greatest terrestrial carbon sink and reservoir of water. And it plays a crucial role in regulating the climate. The soil manifesto, with all collected signatures, will be presented to the UNCCD and the UNFCC at COP22.

Please read the Soil Manifesto and take action by signing now.

Soil Manifesto

Savory Journeys

Savory journeys explore the work of the global network of savory hubs with a focus on educating and connecting visitors to the practices, learning, and success of regenerative agriculture and planned grazing throughout the grasslands of the world.

These tours immerse guests in the communities, land, production models, markets, food, and culture of each host you will visit. Savory journeys are committed to creating meaningful, informative, and memorable experiences.

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The Savory Institute welcomes resumés and CVs from professionals in the communications, land management, and livestock management fields. We are a diverse and dedicated group of people spread out across the globe but headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

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