Crafting the Future for
Food and Agriculture

October 2–4, 2015San Francisco

This unprecedented event will be a venue for producers and consumers to come together and celebrate the cadre of people embracing the holistic paradigm shift in ecology, health, and diet. Join us, along with all thirty Savory Institute Hubs and everyone from gauchos, to Massai, to cowboys — all of whom are actively engaged in this movement. These artisans, who have built their livelihood on fostering an intimate relationship with the land, will commune with passionate families striving to feed their children clean, healthy food that helps rejuvenate the environment on which we all depend.

Grasslands are being healed all over the world as pastoralists of all races, genders, religions, and ages band together in a unified effort to regenerate the land and paint a brighter future for all humanity. Holistic Management practitioners use existing resources to sculpt degraded terrain and transform it into thriving working landscapes. 

A new era of food production and healthy living is upon us

We've seen a new awakening among people to embrace living in harmony with their environment — making healthier food choices, and staying active. As we blaze forward, our next step is to engage urbanites. As the incredible poet Wendell Berry was quoted, “Eating is an agricultural act,” and we must meet people where they are — their daily food choices.

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Conference Venue

The conference will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency Burlingame.

San Francisco is an ideal location for our partners and collaborators from around the globe to join us for this year’s annual international conference. This unique location with easy fly-in-fly-out access to the San Francisco International Airport provides all the modern amenities to host our world-gathering.

Conference Food

Your ticket includes many amenities including lunch and dinner banquet on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, as well as a complementary Friday night reception with hors d’oeuvres. All meals will be made from organic, gluten-free ingredients, and sourced from local, holistically-managed farms where possible.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Brock DolmanOccidental Arts and Ecology
  • Sally FallonFounder of Weston Price Foundation
  • Nicolette NimanAuthor of Defending Beef and Environmental Lawyer
  • Fred ProvenzaBehave
  • Allan Savory
  • Jared StoneAuthor of Year of the Cow
  • Bryan WelchPublisher at Mother Earth News
  • Robb WolfAuthor of The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet


Please note, all tickets purchased before September 8 qualify for early-bird pricing.

  • $499 Early Bird Pricing
  • $599 Standard Ticket
  • $425/ea Qty Discount (buy 5 tickets and get 15% off)
  • $350/ea Qty Discount (buy 10 tickets and get 30% off)
  • $299 Students/Educators

All tickets include meals as listed above in conference food.

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